Transferring from Auto-Save account to Easy Access account

Hi All,

I was hoping to be able to transfer the funds from my Auto Save account to my Easy Access account, via the app, but I can’t seem to see a way to do this?
Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!

Paul :+1:t2:

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It’s coming in a future release soon. Wasn’t included in the first one due to speed of release


Thanks, Rob, thought it made sense!

Paul :+1:t2:

You need to withdraw it all and then pay it back into the interest account. It can all be done same day.

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Rob’s hit the nail on the head with his answer - we’ll be posting here as soon as the new update is ready!

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One transaction withdraws it all and another transaction puts £5,000 (up to) Inthe interest account, all in one day.

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Will it be possible to set our interest account as the one Chip auto saves to?
I was a bit bemused that this was not the case and that you have to make manual payments into it - that defeats the main purpose of Chip to me!

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Hi Steve, we’re working on an update that will allow you to transfer within the app from the Standard account to the interest account to make things a bit more seamless!


But we wont be able to set the interest account as the one the auto saves go to, we will have to make manual payments?
Is there a technical/financial reason why or is that planned?

Hi Steve, we got the initial version of Interest Accounts out because we wanted to get the product out as quick as possible, but the dev team is always looking for ways to make the app and accounts better for our users - so rest assured this feedback has been passed on to them.

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