Transfers between accounts within Chip


Did the feature to transfer money between different accounts within the Chip app ever get implemented?

I found a previous thread here which is about the same issue.

Is it still the case that you have to withdraw to an external account and then pay in again?



Hi Ben,

I must admit, I’ve not been using Chip for about a year, so not sure of the latest updates but I’m sure it hadn’t been implemented when I stopped using.

I notice ‘KrishChip, Team Chip’ said - in July 2020 - that Chip would post there when the in-app transfer update was implemented but nothing has ben posted since then…

Best wishes,

Thanks for the reply.

I do still use the app - I was just really checking I hadn’t missed anything obvious!

I don’t think it is a feature yet.

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It’s imminent I believe


No problem!
Will be beneficial when it is implemented

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Fingers Crossed, this option would be truly helpful and save a lot of time waiting for withdrawal and deposit :slight_smile:

Ben. Yes. Out and in.