Turn your £5,000 into £10,000

Make a manual save between now and Monday, and you could have it doubled. T&Cs apply.

Your chance to double your deposit.

The more you save, the bigger the prize.**

For five days only, we’re giving one lucky Chip saver the chance to have their save doubled.

Make a manual save before noon Monday 1 March, and you could win big.

Deposit £500, and if you win, we’ll transfer another £500 into your Chip account; transfer £2,000 and we’ll give you another £2,000 if you’re picked. You get the idea.

Feeling lucky?

Terms and conditions.
The boring but important bit.

  • Competition opens noon Wednesday 24 February 2021, and will run until noon Monday 1 March 2021.
  • To be eligible, you must make a manual save of up to £5000 into your Chip account before the competition closes.
  • There is no minimum deposit.
  • You can only make a maximum of three save attempts during a 24 hour period. Each manual save will count as one entry.
  • ONE (1) winner will be selected on Monday 1 March 2021 using a randomiser.
  • The winner will be notified by email no later than EOD Tuesday 2 March, 2021.

The money will be deposited into the winner’s account after we successfully contact the winner and confirm their details.

You’re the best.
Team Chip


Done. Save the bother and just give it to me now :man_shrugging::joy:


Hi Chip. I’ve never had a problem making an automatic save of 200/300 before today. Now that your comp is operational, I seem to have a problem making that size deposit (or even a bit less). My bank cant help - says they’re not blocking it. Why might this be happening…?

If I try to deposit £5k into the “Chip - Instant Access” account, the system says: “It looks like you’re trying to deposit too much in one go, please check the amount and try again.”

What is the deposit limit for this account?

Is there a different limit for the other available accounts?


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I think I read the daily limit was £500 I may be wrong…

I have chip, chip +1 and an htb account. Does it matter which account the save us made to as the terms and conditions give no clue.

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Hi there, It can be in any one of your Chip accounts!

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Hi Ben, this might be an account error, if you’re able to shoot CS a message through Live Chat they’ll be able to get you sorted :slight_smile:

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Hi Simon, if you’re able to shoot the team a message on Live Chat - they’ll be able to help you out on this!

Last time I tried to make a manual deposit it took 3 days for the money to arrive into my account (is the reason I’m not currently using Chip actually)

Are manual deposit times still this slow?

Probably no point me making a deposit on the weekend if it won’t arrive in my account by midday Monday

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Is the prize based on the size of a single deposit, or the net of all deposits during this time?


I think the answer to this is crucial @KrishChip given you can enter three times per day, will the prize be
a) the sum of all of your manual saves during the competition period
b) the amount of the save on the day that your winning save occurred
c) the average of your manual saves during the competition period
d) the largest save you make on the day that your winning save occurred

This will then determine the best strategy on maximising your chances vs winning amount




I think you can enter 3 times a day :upside_down_face:

Well spotted…post adjusted!

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I think the commonsense explanation would be:

Each manual save is effectively allocated a “ticket number”. All the ticket numbers are placed into a “hat” and one is drawn out. The save that corresponds to that ticket number is the winning save.



Yes, thats my assumption on how it will work. That way its a fair balance between someone making a huge on-off save (and maxing out their limits) and someone making lots of small saves to increase their chances of winning.

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Hi Krish, I’m having the same issue and I’ve gone through live chat but that was 21H now. Is there a delay at the moment?

Any joy as my live chat message still hasn’t been looked at. Did you get yours sorted? Or like me still waiting?


I actually managed to make a manual save to the Chip +1 account of £5,000 so I never pursued the live chat option to investigate the Chip Instant Access account.

Hope you get a reply tomorrow, but if you have Chip +1, it might be worth looking at that option.

It ought to say somewhere in the app what the maximum single transfer for each account type is.


The HTB is £5k per transaction max. Was updated when the limit was increased to 85k recently but yes an in app note would be useful I agree