Urgent fix needed!

Your system kept saying “internal error” so I closed and reopened the app and suddenly it processed all the requests at once!! Because I had tried to manually save 3 times… (but I recurved an error each time)… it ran three saves at once!!

But when I try to withdraw it says “error!”


I need to get £750 back please before my bills come out on January 1st!

Update : the connected account and the settings page inside the app also show errors.

There also doesn’t appear to be any way for me to cancel or reverse those saves.

This is using iOS and is updated to the latest version that came out on December 22nd

This is terrible timing because you are closed for Christmas. I really want everyone to be able to enjoy Hogmanay and the festivities, but finance systems failing people and prevent access to money is of critical
Importance and requires some method of reaching people. This isn’t small change either. Is there really no emergency telephone or on call/duty number to call?

I wish you could be closed and just have time to party. But unfortunately I now need you, please someone. Come save me. Let’s reverse the last two manual saves and get me back at least £750 back from those errors.

gooooo team!

Update… after hours of panic and rebooting my phone. The withdraw section of the app finally opened!!

However after typing in £750 and clicking enter the red drop down bar appeared again and said “internal timeout error occured” and it failed.

This time I knew what would happen if I did it again!!
So I closed down the app… swiped up in iOS to properly close the app… I re-opened it and after I logged in it processed the withdrawal!

So there is definitely a weird bug in there…

But if this app is capable of suddenly processing 3 or more manual saves all at once without double checking the user is happy… then that maybe needs changed.

If I had to wait until jan 3rd for assistance I would’ve missed a bill I suspect.

Apologies for the inconvenience here! The livechat team are back in the office today if you still need to get this sorted. :slight_smile:

Cheers for getting back to me. Someone in the emails replied and returned my money. And then someone replied on twitter too. So phew!! Apparently there was a legitimate bug that caused this and the devs have since patched it.
Really unfortunate timing for you guys.