Using CapDesk to find value of investment

How do I use CapDesk to see the value of my Chip investment? Thanks.

Hi @andrewwalker3181, when Capdesk is back up and running properly, just log in and click Portfolio, and you’ll see the value there :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah, from where do I access CapDesk and do I have to sign up for an account?
Alistair, and yes, you do have to sign up.

Yep, and just make sure you sign up with the email address you used to invest!

Capdesk are still having some issues, so you may not be able to see your Chip investment just yet. Capdesk have assured us they’re working on this though!

Hi, I’ve been told that in order to use capdesk to check the value of my shares, I have to have an “invite”.
Please can you advise me regarding this matter.

Hi @Jackster, the invite email is the easiest way to do it, and you’ll have that in your inbox. You may just need to check your junk/spam.

if you don’t see the invite email, make sure you’re checking the email address you used to invest with.

You can go straight to Capdesk and create an account with that email address, but the option for that is missing from their site right now and we’re speaking with them to find out what the situation is with that. :slight_smile:

If you need to create an account on Capdesk, use this link:

Just make sure to sign up using the email address you used to invest with!

When I invested I was still using my married name. I have since divorced and gone back to my maiden name. Will this affect my shares? The certificate is in the wrong name now. Will it also affect whether or not I can view in Capdesk?


Hi @Countygirl, that definitely won’t affect your Capdesk account, as that’s all tied to your email address.

It also looks like you can change your legal name through Capdesk, too.

In regards to your share certificate, if you contact Crowdcube they should be able to get this updated for you.

Let me know if you have any issues at all with the above!

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When will our second investment show in capdesk? Only my first lot are showing and I just bought more. Thanks

Hi @alexworth! It’ll be after this round closes, but may be a short while after as we need to upload all of the information manually and we’re currently on almost 3500 investors for this round!

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Hi. Thanks for the info. I have contacted Crowdcube (I could only do that via their online form) but haven’t had a reply. Is there any other way I can get my correct name registered and on the certificate?

Hi @Countygirl, could you please drop me a message with the details? I’ll chase up Crowdcube for you, as it is them who has to do it, but they can be a little slow at replying sometimes!

Despite the recent email from Chip on 15 December, CapDesk has disappointingly been down for five days now. We’re unable to view the con notes as a result.

Anyone at Chip know what’s going on with this? Would appreciate a post here (and ETA for CapDesk being back online) if you’re able to contact the CapDesk team.

Thanks in advance.

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Capdesk appears to be working again this morning.

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