I have been waiting foir My Verifying ID now for over 20 minutes - no joy
Any ideas?

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Two hours now …

Maybe because it’s a Sunday :thinking:

Hi Andrew, had you tried messaging one of the team inapp about this?

No It won’t stop spinning on the Verifying ID
I can’t get any further - it still doing that now after 2 days

Hi Andy, have you messaged the team in-app using the Live Chat function? They’ll be able to look into your account and help you out this way!

I registered for a CHIP+1 account yesterday afternoon. my profile on the app states something like ‘pending verification’. Someone else commented they’d had this message displaying for ages. Does someone have to manually approve my CHIP account before I can deposit money in to it?

No. You have to do a save into it which then clears and then should become verified…

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I managed to put a fairly small amount of money into my CHIP+1 account yesterday. I was asked yesterday evening to verify my identity by sending official documents through CHIP chat, (which I did).

I drew money out of my ISA today, (losing interest in the process). I went to manually put the money into my CHIP account and I’m now getting an error message. (something about it being ‘embarrassing’ and advising me to contact CHIP). Have you encountered this before?

Sorry bud can’t help with that one

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I’ve had this error message, it was because I’d made to many failed attempts to deposit, I had to wait a full 24hrs before attempting again.

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