Visual bug in 3.0 - balance graph

When I deposited in the new easy assess account, it resulted in a significant dip in the balance graph, by not taking into account the balance of the auto-save account.

You can see this dip on this screenshot. If you need any more info, just let me know.

Samsung S20
Chip 3.0
Android 10.0
One UI 2.1

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I have the same annoying dip in the graph just recently.

It matches my other annoying dip in the graph in August 2019 when the bank connection needed refreshing and apparenty the only way to fix that was to remove all my money and then pay it straight back in. That was about as frustrating as it sounds. The worst part is, now when I get a periodic success story email along the lines of 'you are doing great, Chip has helped you put away £xxx. I know that it’s actually incorrect. The true value that chip has help me save is half that, as it has counted it all twice when it went back in.
I wonder if my next well done email will now incorrectly claim that they have helped me put away £xxxxx.
It didnt really bother me too much, I was going to live chat someone at chip to get it sorted but I knew the answer would be more stressful than living with the problem.
Sorry to rant about it here, but lots of things are more frustrating now than ever.
Chip needs to be mindful of what it is visually presenting, and you need to take care what information you are emailing out especially after a customer services intervention. A standard one size fits all email won’t cut it anymore. I am my own individual, I like to be treated as such. Although I am sure I am not the only one that had to remove and replace everything to fix a chip connection issue, so lots of people will have annoying dips in the graph, that while factually correct are not really the true picture.

HI @Burg & @JohnB1182 - Niamh here from the Product Team - this is a problem we are aware of and currently fixing at present.
@JohnB1182 regarding the feedback on the generic emails that are currently inaccurate we are aware of the issue and something we have in the backlog to be able to fix.

Hopefully you will see these fixes soon and let me know if there is any other feedback on how the Interest Accounts are working for you both.

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