We are looking for people who want to help shape the future of Chip!

Are you based in or around London?

Do you want to help provide valuable feedback on new features that we are working on?

If yes, then we would love to run you through some exciting new features!

We’re looking for people to come in to Chip HQ next week to carry out some testing on some features we are currently working on! :slight_smile:

In return, we will compensate £20 amazon voucher for your time (roughly an hour).

If you’re interested, just like this post and I’ll contact you with some more details shortly.

Thanks in advance!


Do you have any idea on date or time?

I think Wednesday-Friday and any time between 8-6. I’ll contact you all with details tomorrow!



I am interested.

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Hi, can do if you need people.

If you ever did anything like this in the midlands I would be very interested.

Seconded. If you’re ever looking out of London and towards the Manchester / Liverpool area let me know!

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Thank you for all your responses to this, I’ll be in touch with a few people with some online tests (if you’re not based in London, or not available) so everyone will be able to have an input!

For now - we are looking to test a few things at Chip HQ next week on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 8-6 in Shoreditch, London.

We are looking for between 5-10 people so if you are available please let me know below and I’ll message with some more details.

Thank you!

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Would the online tests be survery or video/call based? If the former then I would be happy to try and help, but would struggle with the latter due to hectic work/home life!

These specific tests would need to be face to face unfortunately, but we do run online tests as well, so I’ll keep you in mind when we launch the next one (which will be soon!)

Hi Liam, yes I’m London based and available for F2F meets



Sorry, should have specified that I meant the online ones. Cheers though!

I’m in Norwich, we never get offers for anything. I would love to be involved in the future.


Hi Liam@chip, unfortunately I can’t make it into town next week, but please put my name down for any online testing as a volunteer, thanks.

Happy to help with testing remotely if you still need people! :slight_smile:

I can do remote online testing only.