We need YOU! Help us test some new features & get a £20 Amazon voucher

Want to help us test new features and give your feedback on what works and what doesn’t?

@liamchip is looking for some volunteers to either come to our office in London for an hour, or we can do it remotely.

Oh, and we’ll also give you a £20 Amazon voucher to thank you for your time!

If you’re interested, please message @liamchip or drop a comment below, and he’ll arrange the times and everything else with you directly. :smiley:


Count me in on this. I’m not based in London though so it’d have to be remotely :slight_smile:

Count me in. I’m in Scotland though so would have to be remotely.

I’d love to get in on this! Also not local to London so would have to be remote. Thanks

Yeah I’d be keen… could do in-house or remotely :+1:

Happy to help remotely.

As above :point_up: count me in but remote only I’m afraid. Unless the stars align with the roughly once every 2-3 weeks I’m in London.

I’m up for this, always happy to help… Remote only though I’m afraid :grin:

Yup I’d be happy to help. In London most weeks or remotely.

I’d be up for helping, in London or remote, i’m easy either way.

I’m up for it, can do in-office or remote.

I am interested. Would be remotely for me.

More than happy to help!

I would love to help, however I would have to do remotely.

Happy to help, Remotely or in person.

Happy to help, either by coming into your London office or working remotely.

Hi Sarah,

Count me in I am in Glasgow so it is remotely.

Happy to do it but will need be remotely :wink:

I’m also happy to help but would need to be remotely for me too.