We need YOU! Help us test some new features & get a £20 Amazon voucher

Id like to be in the new Features Test pls!!


I replied on Facebook but have heard nothing.

I would be happy to get involved I’m London based and can spare an hour or two during the week

I am happy to help remotely.

Liam happy to help …I’m a very happy beta chipmunk. Garby aka Lynda

Lol- there’s a lot of first time posters here with :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

LOL, I.m not a first time poster, nor worried about the offer, but I am not a big poster in any way, only when I have a response to something I have an opinion on, hell I’m still waiting to get my account fully integrated, all my own fault, as I’m retired disabled, and am crippled up in pain most of he time. :ambulance:

Anyway I doubt there’s much I can do, never really touched it to be honest, but will help if you think I could do anything, anything n00b like or physical dexterity would be all I could see as being where I could do anything, the others are probably far better placed than I am with this, but like most, it would have to be via remote.

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I’m in with helping in everything

Happy to help, remotely though!

I’m happy to help in London.

I’ll be happy to help remotely. I assume the office isn’t open on weekends but if it is, I can even pop in with my wife who’s also a ChipMunk!

I’m happy to help, or is it too late? :smiley:

I’m in too! Exciting! E

I’m interested, I’m based near Bristol, so I’d have to do it remotely too

Sorry if I’ve missed it in the list of reply’s but has this progressed at all?

Happy to help remotely :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks everyone! An update shall be going out soon explaining everything :slight_smile:

Hello Liam! Very happy to help, if you still need people.

I’m a couple of tube stops away most days so can do in house or remote. :+1:

Yes, Iam interested to help…