We need YOU 👇🏽

Hey all,

Hope you’re all wrapped up warm and have hot beverages to hand (is it just me, or did it get FREEZING overnight?..) anyway!

I’m here to ask for help, we’re looking to put together a focus group of some of you to help offer us feedback on certain designs, new features and updates. If you’d be interested in occasionally helping please send an email to ‘krish@getchip.uk’ with ‘Focus group’ in the subject line - the email address you use to contact me, will be the one we’ll be contacting you on for help.

Through this focus group, you’ll be contacted by our design team, product owners and a few other friendly face from Chip HQ and it’d be amazing to get as many of you involved as possible.

Any questions? Drop them below!


We’ve got some really exciting stuff that we are working on - and being first to see it and give us your feedback will have a huge impact with the end results! Most of the tests we will send out will only take 5-10 minutes, and occasionally we will run focus groups that will take a bit longer but you shall be compensated for your time :slight_smile:

All of this is remote, so no need to come in to our office.

Thanks in advance!



It did suddenly drop in temperature lol.

Ahaha, glad you agree - winter wear all round in Chip HQ!