What feature do we get for new prices system in oct

I just got the email and charge going up for chip x service but what extra feature will be included to justify £6 a every 28 days new fee, how is it deceived of u on the middle fee or the £6 fee is there going be break down what each level will included? Will more details be issue out before the raise in oct ? @Team-Chip

I’ve just seen the new fees, ouch! :grimacing:

Hey - there will certainly be more details out before the fees are raised. This was simply a formal notice as a company must give 2 months before introducing any fees of this kind.

We will provide a full breakdown of what is available at every tier, of what the costs are, and of the features we’re going to be adding to ChipX before the fees are introduced so that users can make an informed decision for their next steps.


Both myself and my wife are Chip users and I’m a Chip investor but we haven’t received any information on the new charges. Are the notifications being staggered?

I’ve seen the details on the website and it’s a significant increase for anyone using Chip. Are there no plans to be transparent on here as to the fees?

Hey - we sent out the information about these changes last Friday via email, this was pushed to the full userbase. This included the full details of pricing, just as it appears on the website.

This information is freely available, no intention to be anything other than transparent. If you haven’t received anything at all, please DM me and I can look into why this is the case, we emailed every user about this.

As I said above, more detail will be available on these changes in the near future, sending out the notice starts the clock on implementing them.

No email received either. Checked my SPAM folder but nothing.

Thanks for the update Nik, look forward to reading the details of new pricing structure and features included to decided if chip is still good for me to achieve saving and investment opportunities/goals and way forward.

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I believe it was attached to our weekly newsletter, Neil.