What would you LOVE to see on the Chip app?

What would make our app even better? What do you feel is missing that would make using Chip that bit more enjoyable? What currently really annoys you about Chip?

We would love to hear from you and your ideas!

I’ll kick things off. I’d love to be able to configure Chip to automatically make a save on payday.

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Seeing as you’ve asked, I’ve a few: :joy:

  1. Intelligent Saves - the ability for Chip to ‘learn’ that I always round my AutoSaves; so that all future AutoSaves will be rounded automatically
  2. Smooth out the Dynamic Save options; - why does the AutoSave have to be cancelled, then a manual save processed, when the amount is changed? Can changing the amount, become one process?
  3. Condense the current AutoSave messages from the current three into one; to me it feels ‘clunky’ and not a ‘smooth’ process.
  4. The ability to turn off email notifications they seem unnecessary when App notifications are on
  5. (Mentioned before I know), the ability to add a profile pic/avatar for a more personalised experience.
  6. Introduce IFTTT; I like the idea of randomness/possibilities of being able to say ‘Every time it rains in Kuala Lumpur save £5’
  7. Forecasts: Chip forecasts that by December you will have saved £xxxx
  1. FSCS Protection on my savings

ChipX would be a nice addition


Any features would be good at this point… doesn’t feel like anything significant has been added to the app since the 2.0 update and even that didn’t really add new features!


Hi Chac, I can assure you lots has been worked on and released since 2.0!

What features would you like to see specifically?

Thanks Viney, great list! Keep any more coming if you think of any, I’ll be curating a list and then putting them to the wider team soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Trevt! This is on our roadmap and under way already :slight_smile:

I’d like to see the ones already implemented working properly first… I don’t get save notifications, I can’t make manual saves properly because it says I’ve reached the account limit (when I haven’t) and the goals end date hasn’t worked since I updated to 2.0

Thanks Chac - Goals end date fix has been done and we are testing internally, along with updating the goal UI to improve the overall experience. With regards to your save notifications and account limit, let me send you a DM and look into this as I understand these have both been fixed.

Can you present a timeline of when features will be added. I met with Simon (founder) in September and he said FSCS would be guaranteed to be in by end of December. It is now mid January and still not here.

I just don’t trust when staff of chip say something will be done anymore. @Chac96 is correct, there has been nothing new since Chip 2.0 and even then it is still hugely buggy nearly a year later. Chip X was a massive failure and then canned.

I think it is time we got some clear timelines and progress otherwise there will be a struggle to raise any further investment from people. We need to stop focusing on new features and get the app working as it should. Personally at the moment I have given up on chip and now have my money in Zeus earning 5% interest calculated, earned and withdrawalable on a daily basis.


An FSCS protected savings account paying a market leading interest rate would be great.


I agree with all of this. I’ve invested 3 times now in Chip. It’s not clear to me that there is a significant rate of progress. In the meantime it’s a fiercely competitive space and others are advancing.
From my personal experience, autosaves sometimes happen when I’m overdrawn (they’re not supposed to if this has been checked off). It would be good to make bonuses earned to date nice and clear (might help for the tax man when bigger interest is earned too).
ChipX shouldn’t appear any more if something isn’t coming soon as it’s no longer credible to have it sitting there for over a year.
Would like to see Chip get back to creating great functionality that works and becomes viral. Felt like this at the beginning.


+1 to point number 3 from Viney. The aim should be to make the current UX more smooth, before adding new features. Sometimes less is more.

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Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. It has all been noted :+1:

I would really like to see, spend roundups.

For me, I would love to be able to receive interest on balances above £10k.
I would love to be able to increase my ‘bonus rate’.
I would love an initiative for referring others to benefit ME.
I would love regular updates on where Chip is on fscs/chip x/other irons in the fire. Whilst I appreciate a lot of this cannot be revealed, more communication would be preferred.
I would love to know when my offer of assisting in return for Amazon vouchers will be accepted/declined, and what it may entail.
I would love to again feel that Chip is the way forward, will change the world, and that i should shout this from the rooftops…just as i felt about a year ago. Being a large investor and keen saver, the ‘magic’ of Chip seems to be disappearing…and I’d love for it to come back.
I’m sure the positives will come, and i appreciate ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, but the potential in finance at the moment…well, i don’t want us to miss the boat. And when we are told, as a community, that 'It’s coming/we’re working on big things/announcements etc, we’ll i think more is needed in that department.
Finally, I’d love to see Jennifer Aniston’s telephone number in here, but hey ho…!


I believe you were going to have a Cash ISA as well. Surely now is the best time to launch before the current tax year ends?

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  1. Chip X or cross platform option to lend for a better return.
  2. Some new video clips - pretty please!
  3. Be able to see target saves amount needed to meet goals set.
  4. IFTTT integration would be nice.
  5. An update with a plan to meet goals already set for Chip and to set some for the next year.
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Thanks again, for the suggestions!

If you haven’t seen today, for every friend you refer you will receive £5. And if you refer 3 friends today we will double that reward.