What would you LOVE to see on the Chip app?

Hi Anj, just quickly on this - we are exploring the opportunity of offering Cash, Lifetime and Stocks & Shares ISAs but would need to go through the regulatory process of becoming a registered ISA manager (or an appointed representative of one) with HMRC. Unfortunately this can take a number of weeks so its unlikely we can get an ISA product launched before April 5.

I’m in the process of drawing up a business case around ISA’s - which ISA product would you like to see the most? (Bear in mind we will offer FSCS savings products first where basic tax payers can earn up to £1000 interest and higher £500 tax free under the personal savings allowance)

Interested to hear your thoughts and others in the community.



HI Sheadas,

Would you use round-ups alongside the existing Chip autosaves? Or would you use them instead of Chip autosaves?


I would use both. However giving people the option of either would be great. The automatic save could even have a break down, auto save & roundups. A running total would also be nice, “you have saved £12.34 in roundups”.


I’d love to see full integration with HSBC back! For months now we’ve been told “we’re looking into” the problems caused by HSBC’s Open Banking integration and to opt for the weaselly named “simpler saves”. In the meantime, other financial apps seem to be able to work with HSBC current accounts. At the moment, without the AI or overdraft protection, having Chip connected to my account makes me nervous. And nervous customers aren’t what you want - or who you keep.

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Thanks Oz. A bit of an update on the issue with HSBC (and other banks):

Our previous provider that we used for bank connections has had issue with changes that banks have made recently due to changes in law for OpenBanking. This has meant that all companies using this provider have suffered. The good news is that we have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to change provider to offer true full open banking.

This is just round the corner now and we are in the testing stages of development. This will open up more banks, enable easier bank connection and a far better user experience, but most importantly allow everyone using the app to be able to save using our AI. This will be a big step forward for the app and we can’t wait!


I was going to say “Goals V2” but glad to see this is already coming soon. Definitely needed IMO to be able to allow users to close the feedback loop and re-enforce “what’s the point of all this” type thing. Used goals v1, but when I met them didn’t bother creating new ones (even though I did have some new savings goals) because the v1 goals UX wasn’t quite compelling enough.

Other than that, as others have said FCSC protection would be nice, as 10k without protection is a bit :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: these days!

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Be able to link more than one Bank Account!!!


No emoji loading screen.

Am I missing something. Is the algo saving feature actually working? It all seems very random at the moment. I seem to be stopping saves more regularly than I would like at the moment.

I noticed this too :face_with_monocle: I’ve got the lowest amount in my current account that I’ve had since I got Chip, yet it’s taking the biggest saves I’ve had. I’ve not changed my savings level and it’s not a problem for me but it is weird.

Is this due this:

liamchipTeam Chip


Hi Reena, current implementation is that Chip will not make a save if your current account balance is below the minimum balance set by yourself. For example, if your minimum balance is set at £20, and your current account balance is £20.01, Chip will still make an automatic save. I’d recommend, increasing your minimum save amount a little just so you have a buffer.

Multiple account integration
Ability to round up payments made using connected bank(s)
IFTTT integration as both a “this” and a “that”
How about linking with some second hand sales apps (gumtree, depop, eBay) to automatically move money from sales into chip?

If I can provide any assistance in testing features I would be delighted.

We’re going to be adding more “saving rules” throughout the year and will be consulting with Investors and Chipmunks to see what you all want to see the most! We’ve been in discussion with some great retailers so that we can offer great deals and exclusives for our Chip users. How would you feel about this and is there anything in-particular that you’d like to see?


I’ll add my voice to IFTTT integration. A proper API for Chip would allow some fun and unique integrations:

  • Ability to initiate a save based on any kind of event (someone rings my doorbell, England win a football match)
  • Ability to trigger an event when Chip makes a save (flash the lights in my house, Get Alexa to play a song etc…)

An API would also open up Amazon Echo and Google Home integration: “Alexa…what’s my Chip balance? Alexa…put £10 towards my goal” etc




Hi guys, I’m quite new on the Chip app and I love it so far, I’m also planning on using chipX when it becomes available, but for now my recommendations are:
1- add a way to add multiple accounts would be nice (I know someone did mention this),
2- I’m not too sure that the system of checking all transactions work very well as sometimes chip takes too much even though I have bills coming out etc… So I don’t think the system takes them into consideration when saving (the app claims that we would create a pot of savings and wouldn’t feel it in our pockets, but if it takes away from bills that are coming, then we do notice! :grinning:)
3- one thing I would love to have on the app is to have everything rounded up, it really annoys me when the app takes like £14.07 from the account, just round it up to £14 or £15 I don’t mind wither way but please stop with the pennies :joy:.
4- it has been mentioned as well, but I would love to see an option where we can stop the email notifications, we already got app notifications, so no need for the emails.

Obviously I’d love to see the FSCS as well and other things added that have been mentioned, but these points are some of the things that would make my use of the app more user friendly.

Thank you guys and keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. :grinning::muscle:t3:


Ability to know in a open and transparent way, what bonus interest rates you have, what they relate to and when they run out. At the moment I am sure errors are made due to lack of transparency on this.


Thanks everyone, some great ideas here, keep them coming!

Lots of stuff mentioned is already under way too :slight_smile:

As a sports fan, opt in results or performance based saves for different achievements. Yes it’s a novelty but it’s almost gambling without the loss element.

E.g. Manchester Utd to win - Opt in and select level of save 1-5

£3 for every goal Mo Salah scores and £2 per assist.

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Not sure you’d save much on the Man Utd to win rule :wink:

On a serious note we are looking at adding rules to help people save more :muscle:t3:

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Haha fair comment. Hard to watch at the moment.