What would you LOVE to see on the Chip app?

Two main things.
I’m looking forward to better integration with challenger banks, so that the autosaves can be better personalised. I know that will take a while.
The one I’d really like to see soon is more gifs with people of colour and ANY with women when autosaves happen. It’s starting to bug me that I’m always congratulated by the same roaring white dudes!

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I absolutely love this idea.

The ability to enter the Forum through the app!
It’s really confusing having to constantly go through a browser. This kind of functionality should be native to any app IMO.


Gifs…those funny, cheeky, playful little blighters should now be culturally representative?? I’m out!

Chip (or should that be ‘Potato’ so it includes mash, boiled, baked et all)…keep up the great work. Onwards and upwards!!


I’m a 100% with this!


Really? That’s worth objecting to? Are you by any chance a roaring white dude…?

me??? that’s quite a bad judgement from your side.

Not all of us understand banking and other economical advances or apps information.
I really hate having to get into chrome to check out this, I want to check out the forum more but it ain’t easy throught all this boll**ks.
I rather have a more interactive app were I can access the forum than having to gi throught this hassle everytime.
Some of us like to enjoy life than be on our ohone/pc all day.

Wait. What? I was replying to Darrenstout.
I’m with you on the getting to the forum through the app.

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Just got stash congratulations from an Amy Poehler gif. Thanks, Chip!

Given current issues, Chip might want to consider a basic web interface, using existing account credentials, enabling all users to access the live help system, account status (inc. balance) and emergency messaging from Chip; it wouldn’t need to be transactional (so no adjustment to save behaviour, no cancelling, manual saves, withdrawals), just a means to enable customers to remain connected in some way to Chip in the rare (but sadly not impossible) event that mobile connectivity fails in some way. Might help keep folks calm and patient. Appreciate this would be a significant effort, but what price ‘freaked out’ customers demanding their balance be immediately withdrawn?


This is something we’re discussing and looking into as we speak. Definitely agree with your comment.

Thanks for the post.


Could chip add a digital wallet feature? This would provide additional payment functionality without having to transfer money between accounts. Would also provide a useful revenue stream for chip. Are there plans to add this into the product development roadmap?


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but it would be good to choose which goal to ‘withdraw’ from, even though it’s technically all one big pot. I’ve got two savings goals set up 80% to a house deposit the rest to treats I didn’t really pay much attention to it until after I had withdrawn a small amount for a treat (eBay!! :joy::joy:) and noticed my house deposit goal had gone down.

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  1. Unlimited amount of goals
  2. Time based goal “share”, not fix 80/60% for incoming money. Example if I have one goal what I want to finish before some date I would like Chip intelligently split incoming money to make it possible. Imagine I just added new 500£ goal and I want to achieve it by end of next month. If I will add 500£ and beginning of next month it could put all of it to this goal as the only way to make it in time.
  3. Goal groups, like short term, long term etc, what could also intelligently improve proper splitting
  4. Recurring goals, one/two Holidays per year, etc
  5. Interdepended goals, one goal might need to finish other goal first.
  6. Bigger goals then 5k
  7. Virtual cards to pay directly from the Goal “Pot” without withdrawing money first
  8. Ability to temporally pause one of goals
  9. Temporaly prioritise one goals for some choosed period of time
  10. Shared goals, lets buy things together with friends and family (what makes virtual card more important, what will allow to pay from goal without one person withdrawing everyone money)
  11. Randomly paying “small goals” in full if possible. Let’s say I have 30 things in my small goals: pillow, phone case, headphones etc. It makes more sense to buy one of them every month than adding 5% to every one of them for long months
  12. Use amazon/(other integrated shops) url as goal. Chip could pull image and track/update price
  13. When amount in goal would reach amazon item price Chip could use amazon API to order and pay for it using goal funds

Hello Michal! Welcome to the Chip community!

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Would there be a way of giving a ballpark figure as to what changing you saving level might do to your autosaves? For example, if you usually went for level 3, could it use your last few saves to give you some idea of what 4 or 5 might look like? I realise this would be an imprecise science, but it would be interesting to get a prediction.

Max and min save limit per month. Yes , I want to be abel to override the AI and say dont save any more than X amount per month or save this much per month as a minimum