What would you LOVE to see on the Chip app?

I’d like it if there was some way to earn real life stickers depending on the amount of money saved or actions .

You could have a collection of say 20 different stickers all relating to different things. Once you reached that goal the app would know to send you a sticker out in the post.

All the stickers would be colourful/ themed and use the chip logo.

Some examples

Save £5/£50/£500 in one go
Make a manual save at midnight
Make a manual save at sunrise
Save every day for a week
Reach a goal
Etc etc

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Two main things.
I’m looking forward to better integration with challenger banks, so that the autosaves can be better personalised. I know that will take a while.
The one I’d really like to see soon is more gifs with people of colour and ANY with women when autosaves happen. It’s starting to bug me that I’m always congratulated by the same roaring white dudes!

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I absolutely love this idea.

The ability to enter the Forum through the app!
It’s really confusing having to constantly go through a browser. This kind of functionality should be native to any app IMO.


Gifs…those funny, cheeky, playful little blighters should now be culturally representative?? I’m out!

Chip (or should that be ‘Potato’ so it includes mash, boiled, baked et all)…keep up the great work. Onwards and upwards!!


I’m a 100% with this!


Really? That’s worth objecting to? Are you by any chance a roaring white dude…?

me??? that’s quite a bad judgement from your side.

Not all of us understand banking and other economical advances or apps information.
I really hate having to get into chrome to check out this, I want to check out the forum more but it ain’t easy throught all this boll**ks.
I rather have a more interactive app were I can access the forum than having to gi throught this hassle everytime.
Some of us like to enjoy life than be on our ohone/pc all day.

Wait. What? I was replying to Darrenstout.
I’m with you on the getting to the forum through the app.

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Just got stash congratulations from an Amy Poehler gif. Thanks, Chip!

Given current issues, Chip might want to consider a basic web interface, using existing account credentials, enabling all users to access the live help system, account status (inc. balance) and emergency messaging from Chip; it wouldn’t need to be transactional (so no adjustment to save behaviour, no cancelling, manual saves, withdrawals), just a means to enable customers to remain connected in some way to Chip in the rare (but sadly not impossible) event that mobile connectivity fails in some way. Might help keep folks calm and patient. Appreciate this would be a significant effort, but what price ‘freaked out’ customers demanding their balance be immediately withdrawn?


This is something we’re discussing and looking into as we speak. Definitely agree with your comment.

Thanks for the post.