What's your Chip success story?

Hi everyone!

One of the great things about Chip is that it allows you to save up and spend your money on the things that really matter to you, and to help you make things happen.

We’ve seen through the Goals you’ve set and our Chipmunks application page just how incredible some of these things are, and we want to shout about these from the rooftops to anyone thinking about joining Chip. We’ll be doing written blogs mostly, with the potential for video interviews/stories!

So, if you’ve got a Chip success story, we want to know!

Maybe you saved for the trip of a lifetime, or bought that one thing you’ve had your eye on for years, helped you do something you never thought possible, or changed a loved one’s life?

Or maybe Chip helped you get on top of your finances or changed your relationship with money and saving?

If you’ve made something happen that you think potential Chip users would want to know about, then here’s the place to shout! Just pop a quick summary in the replies, and we’ll be in touch!

With the incentive of a higher interest rate, at least until the current bonus period expires, I managed to maximise the saves within about 10-months. I don’t think I would have ave this previously. I was previously saving £250-£300 a month in monthly saving accounts for a maximum of 5%.
Following an understanding of how the bonus is applied and that it is only added to saves, not accumulated bonus’, I withdrew the whole amount and then resaved it as one lump sum.
Some points, the max you can save manually is £9,999. Autosaves will happily take it over that. However I do not think you get any bonus on any amount over £10K.
The withdrawal is slightly slower (a few hours) for the bonus part. But I managed to withdraw all money and deposit it back all within the same day.
My goal now is to pay of any 0% credit cards asap on a monthly bonus while leaving this money in CHIP until the bonus expires. Hopefully before then we will have more info about ChipX.

Just giving this a nudge as we’re keen to hear more stories!

If you’d prefer, we can keep things anonymous and you’re welcome to send me your story in a private message :slight_smile:

Just getting the bl00dy app to work would be a success at the moment


I signed up to Chip in order to save money to get my semi-permanant eyebrows and also semi-permanant eyeliner tattoo’d! Both have now been done (and healing nicely ha ha!)

The goal feature worked so well, I’ve not set one to save for a weekend away with friends later in the year!

I’m currently using Chip to pay down the balance on my student loan. I clear my Chip wallet every month and use the money to take another chunk out of my debt.

I’ve decided to do it this way rather than wait and pay the balance in full because it reduces the interest I am charged every month on the loan. There’s also less temptation to divert the money elsewhere!