Where has my bonus gone?

I was an investor in the first investment round. I invested £3k which gave me a bonus of 2% extra interest for life. This seems to have now disappeared and I am only receiving 1% interest. Does anyone know why?

I asked on the live chat but got some vague and cryptic response of something is coming soon. That’s great and all, but in the meantime I’m losing out on 2% interest!

Can anyone shed some light?

@Marc Ian not entirely sure, but if it was lifetime 2% it should probably run until Jun 2020. This is the end date for bonus % as chip transitions into the new beast :exploding_head::crossed_fingers::partying_face::money_with_wings:

With regards to the reduction to 1% I imagine it is down to 12 months passing? It could be any number of reasons. @harryfchip @sarahchip can you help? :+1:

Thanks @Broadie03

I’ve just spoken to @Donald-Chip on livechat and he’s reinstated my bonus. Very odd as when I spoke to @harryfchip I was told “I can assure you that a replacement is being lined up for investors such as yourself” (hence me starting this thread).

Worth checking your bonus if you’re an investor as I’ve missed out on 2% of interest for the last quarter or so…

We have all missed out on interest whilst it wasn’t accruing. We’ve been told that will be corrected and our bonus will show the figure it should. Like with everything, with Chip, we have to be patient. :joy:

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Yes! See interest went in figure this week but still 2 weeks missing, let’s see if it all corrects itself this week…

I’m just closing this thread to keep the bonus conversation in one place here: Everything Bonus