Where to hear about news etc?

Is there a twitter or somewhere you can hear about all of the news and updates with chip? Like today I’ve just realised that the rate on the instant access has now been rose to 3.82% but didn’t hear about it - or are we notified about things like that? Tha ks

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@get_chip on twitter

Why can’t Chip have a section in their app with news?

I’d have thought let current customers know first, and then put it on social media.


You can keep up to date via email, social media (@get_chip), and right here on the community! We’ll be posting here a lot more going forward.

That’s always been a bugbear of mine. I don’t follow social media despite having an account and don’t always get emails that should have been sent. I’ve always felt there should be a single area on the site that you can go straight to. I lost internet a few week ago and just getting back on I find the financial update but the trouble I had trying to access them. I’ve now done so, but if it was all together it would be so much easier.

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Agreed, in the app, it literally just needs a single page with date/time/description with a link if needed

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I receive emails about significant Chip changes. Are you setup to receive them?