Why isn't there a highly rated ESG fund in ChipX?

I’m disappointed that ChipX didn’t launch with any highlight rated ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) funds. Using the MSCI insight tool it shows there are some components of the current offerings that are not socially responsible. Take this one for example…
If you look at the ‘social safeguards screens’ and the ‘green vs. brown revenue’ (brown being investment in coal, gas and oil) this shows elements of the funds support this. It seems like a wasted opportunity to be a leader in making it easy to invest in funds that don’t impact the environment and exploit or harm people (see the social safeguarding screens on the current funds see what I mean).
Offering a fund like the Baillie Gifford Positive Change B Acc, would be a game changer for socially conscious investors. Is this something you’d consider?

Well Chip X hasn’t launched yet has it so maybe you will be surprised……

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You might want to check your emails @rh73. As an investor you would’ve been given early access to invest in one of the three Blackrock investment funds. This went live on 13th May for me.

Yes I’m already invested in the three funds thanks but that isn’t under the Chip X umbrella yet as Chip X hasn’t launched like I said

I suggest you tune into Friday’s “ChipX” conference call