Why you need a F**k Off Fund

‘Rainy-day fund’ a little too tame for you?

Find out why you need a F**k Off Fund in our latest blog, but what would you use one for?


Are you for real?? This is completely inappropriate. Just to sense check whether I’m being an old fuddy duddy not, I’ve run this by my 22 Yr old son. His reply? WTF!! I’ve got a few more suggestions for fund names, I’ll post later

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It’s actually a fairly common term!

And in the blog we reference this article here:

Personally, I’ve called it an ‘Asshole Tax’ in the past, when talking about it in the context of relationships and all the costs that come with ending one of those!

You don’t say!! Course it is, most of us probably hear it every day, doesn’t make it appropriate.

Oh, I mean the term ‘f**k off fund’ is fairly common. :slight_smile:

We think it’s an important aspect of saving to talk about, as it personally made a huge impact on my life, and I’m sure on others’ too, as the blog explains. Sure, the phrase is going to turn heads, but if that gets people paying attention to it and learning what it is, then that’s great!


Whatever you call anything will offend someone, or someone will find it inappropriate (I’d bet a few quid this very message will offend in some way). In context, perfectly acceptable name in my opinion. Not offended, and if i was…I’d avoid it. Problem ever-so- easily solved!


“Safety net” in my day.

I have to admit when I saw the article I did think ‘that’s a bit close to the wind’, however after reading it, I can understand the context in which it was intended.
If it gets people talking about money and Chip (which it clearly has) then surely that can’t be a bad thing.
Modern Day advice from a Modern Day company. :money_mouth_face:


The reaction to this has really irritated me. There’s already a stigma attached to domestic abuse, poor relationships and mental health, and when a company tries to open things up and go full force with a blatant, hard hitting title they get criticised, called unprofessional and talked about like an 8 year old has just told their nan to fuck off.

This is an article for adults to read, with adults in mind. We’re not dealing with a nice little pot of savings for a new coat, or a year long wait to buy your favourite gin, this is a serious issue that needs discussing, and if using the phrase “fuck off fund” does that then what’s the problem? We’re not 8 year olds, and this isn’t 1973 any more.

I can’t imagine anyone who’s suffered one of these issues, or knows someone who has, would care in the slightest what it was called if it meant someone could get out of a poor situation. Personally I applaud Chip for making this such a prominent topic, and I’ll gladly discuss it with anyone who had a counter argument other than the franky ridiculous “it’s unprofessional”.


Great article with a serious message. Savings are so important, not just for the ‘rainy day’.

I think the name fits perfectly.


I was amazed at seeing this TBH, congrats on having the gonads in doing it, let’s be honest, this country has become so scared of all different types of label screamed at them for whatever it is, claiming who knows what kind of abuse, the vast majority would say terms such as this all the time, yes some find it crude, and they have a valid point, But, in this day and age it shouldn’t shock anyone, if they don’t like it they are not forced to read or use it’s words.

It’s like a certain person in the early years of TV, where they would sit, and watch a program with pencil and paper, noting down everything they deemed as wrong, then went out with their soap box, and screamed to all that would listen about how offensive it was, listing all the points that were ‘beneath them’ in detail, and the response from the majority was…, There is a button to change channel, or just turn it off, instead of sitting there watching things they didn’t like, makes a change to see someone that isn’t scared to call something as they see it. :clap:


I don’t have a problem with the title. People need to stop being so precious about things. It grabbed my attention and was engaging to read.

I just wish more companies would jump on board the direct and honest train.


That’s 2019 for you, people get offended about the slightest thing on other people’s behalf.

I have rainy day but I believe f**ck off fund probably be much better for me.
Maybe some people don’t like swearing but they don’t need to have it and can call it other names too :wink:

F*** Off Fund (or FOF for those of a more Conservative disposition :wink:) sounds great to me. Much more dynamic than its dreary cousin the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ :facepunch: :raised_hands:

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