Will not link my bank account

Hi. I opened a Chip account and deposited £5000. My debit card is Intelligent Finance which is part of Lloyds, Chip happily accepted my details. However, when I tried to link my bank account Chip now will not recognise my bank.
So they were happy to recognise my debit card to pay in but now give me no way of withdrawing.
The Chip bot chat was useless in helping me and emails to them have gone unanswered.
Can anyone help with advice please?

I would email hello@getchip.uk

Thankyou. Emailed them three times, have never had a reply though

@Phil007, it does state clearly that replies may take up to 4 working days. So, you should get a reply very soon. Actually, you might get several replies now. Next time, if you need a quicker reply you can phone / call Chip.