Windows 11 Update

Thoughts on the new system upgrade?

I only use android or chromium these days. Got tired of Microsoft costs and the need for expensive laptops to run windows on. Takes 5 minutes to the rebuild a Chromebook with all apps and personal data reinstalled Vs hours if not days to do same with windows ?

Unless your needs are complex windows is over rated for the average user with average needs

my view anyway :grin:

Has anyone updated to the new system?

Yea, it’s alright. Like Windows 10 but updated a bit. Nice update, not too different, makes Windows 10 looks dated going back!
Gotta check compatibility of hardware, finally dropping some old legacy hardware but the processor limit is a bit harsh but there are official work arounds.
Chromebooks are great and super easy to reinstall as you say, can’t run any big software on them though sadly, so it will always be Macs, PCs and Linux for anything serious

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