Withdrawing money from CHIP

I recently opened an instant access account, and have tried to withdraw some money and the app insists that I allow CHIP access to my online banking to analyse my needs.

Not only that, but it directs me to do this over an internet site that I have no idea about. I have emailed them about what other options I have but have had no reply. There is no way I would let anyone have access to my online banking and in todays world, how anyone would expect this to be a reasonable request baffles me.

This, in another context, would have SCAM potential written all over it.

Does anyone know of an alternative option ?


Are you referring to Truelayer?
You have to use open banking to deposit and withdraw I believe.


Yes, that’s it. There should be an alternative. Why should I be forced to give CHIP access to all my accounts and transactions.


That is the way Chip operate and many other institutions operate in the modern digital world of banking. I would recommend emailing hello@getchip.uk to who will give you more support and guidance


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It’s not a scam. Open banking is an FCA-regulated technology/practice (and has been since at least 2017).

However it would be good to have option to use Chip without an open banking connection for those who don’t want or need the features that it affords. I’m sure many people are happy with traditional bank transfers (rather than open banking initiated ones) and no auto-saves.

I guess Chip doesn’t offer this because they probably get some benefit from connection to customer current accounts even if the customer doesnt need the features (such as learning about their customer base via analysis of current account activity).

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