Xbox / PlayStation savings pots

Here’s a novel idea to launch savings pots on Chip. Get people to sign up and let chip help them save for the next generation of consoles. The prize - everyone earns interest, encourage users to post on the forum how many days they have left to reach target, and hand out a free Xbox/PlayStation for the winner(not necessarily who saves the most).

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Or a Nintendo Switch (sure it’s already released) but you gotta bring the Nintendo love as well.

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my “christmas goal” on chip has the picture of the PS5 reveal…the whole pot is being thrown exclusively at that once preorders are announced on Wednesday (Wednesday 16th at 9pm UK time btw)

There will be a live stream…


Deffo have a PS5 goal in Chip atm, making the move from Xbox this gen :grimacing:

Roll on 9pm tomorrow evening :tada:

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It was £100 cheaper than I expected for the digital edition!
So you can pick up the Suicide Squad game and AC Valhalla now essentially for free!

More to smile about

DoogZ u get ur preorder in?

As an Xbox boy making the switch I was really impressed with the PS Plus back catalogue thing - some top titles in my backlog already!

Managed to wangle my Argos pre-order this morning for the non-digital :sweat_smile:

Aye, the fact that on day one you’ll be able to play the latest God of War is fantastic.

Honestly mate, you’re gunna really enjoy that. What an experience it was…

And the complete Uncharted Series! Just start with uncharted 3… then do uncharted 4…

Oh and if you haven’t done it yet. The original 2018 Spider-Man… its a little slow to start but boy-o-boy it’s worth it.

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Hmm maybe I should be considering upgrading from my pixelated and battered, PS1/Crash Bandi set up…


TL:DR- “a late night rant about modern gaming, for passionate gamers”

If you haven’t played the storylines of some of the amazing content that has been released since around 2003 then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do…

Ellen Page’s performance in “Beyond : Two Souls”
Was probably her last great performance. (Better than what she’s doing in the Umbrella Academy that’s for sure)

Quantum dream’s, “Heavy Rain.“ - epic story about catching a serial killer.

The only thing you don’t have to miss is having to save the presidents daughter over and over again in Resident evil 4. I was kind of rooting for the zombies after a while because of that girl.

But in terms of real hit games. Obviously it goes without saying “The Last of Us”. It single handedly won the award for greatest game of a generation on PS3. (It was remastered and rereleased in 2014 on PS4)

But honestly Krish, I think it would leave you crying your eyes out (hopefully in a good way). So be prepared if you do choose to go down that road.

Modern gaming is a medium which is so often overlooked as a niche genre full of dweebs who don’t want to socialise. And it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Modern gaming is the most innovative medium for interactive storytelling.
If Charles Dickens we’re alive today… he’d work at Ubisoft.

If Shakespeare was born in London in the 80’s… He’d be writing storylines and developing characters for the latest Dragonage or Mass effect games at BioWare.

Sometime around the year 2007 or 2008, gaming was noted as outpacing and overtaking Hollywood blockbusters for bringing in cash at the box office.

I think it was the release of Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 which coined the term “triple AAA” game.
And that was where studios would actually broker publishing deals where they would take out financing rounds for hundreds of millions of pounds for several years from publishers; on the promise of a “triple AAA” game release.
Because to be fair, gears of war cost about 12 million to make, but then returned over 100 million in profit.
The profit margin for gaming is huge. So it’s taken very seriously these days.

The world of esports is slowly becoming mainstream. So advertising wants a piece of it.
Businesses can profit off of it … so they want a piece of it.
Actors can easily transition from movies into “mo-cap” productions and continue to act inside the games… so they want a piece of it.
Everyone is moving in this direction faster and faster…

It’s not all minecraft and dr disrespects.

It’s a serious medium for dramatic, heart felt storytelling and quality content.

The trolling mainstream meme of people shouting down headsets on Xbox, or just playing fifa is not indicative of the real experience anymore.

I remember playing a game released by EA in 2010 called Dante’s Inferno (available on both PlayStation and xbox).
It told the story of a knight from the crusades who lost his wife and chose to dive into hell itself to get her back… and it was loosely based on the iconic Italian poem of the same name.
The whole experience was nothing short of “Art”.
I watched a lot of behind the scenes documentaries for that particular experience. Directors, actors and artists all involved were hugely talented.
This wasn’t a multiplayer game… it wasn’t a social game…
It was an artistic exploration over faith, love, sin and determination… it felt closer to visiting a beatnik jazz cafe watching poets give performances. It was something altogether private, intimate and different. I completed the game by myself when locked in over a few nights. And it was pointless trying to explain it to anyone. But I cherished getting my achievements and trophies for completing the game on hard.

So for me personally, …Hearing people joke about possibly upgrading their setup from PS1 to PS5…

Is possibly telling me more about people’s perception of gaming now and how willing they would be to enjoy some of its modern content!

I could be wrong… I just hope I’m not :crossed_fingers: :video_game:

Also I wrote this late at night on my phone without double checking the grammar…