Xbox / PlayStation savings pots

Here’s a novel idea to launch savings pots on Chip. Get people to sign up and let chip help them save for the next generation of consoles. The prize - everyone earns interest, encourage users to post on the forum how many days they have left to reach target, and hand out a free Xbox/PlayStation for the winner(not necessarily who saves the most).

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Or a Nintendo Switch (sure it’s already released) but you gotta bring the Nintendo love as well.

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my “christmas goal” on chip has the picture of the PS5 reveal…the whole pot is being thrown exclusively at that once preorders are announced on Wednesday (Wednesday 16th at 9pm UK time btw)

There will be a live stream…


Deffo have a PS5 goal in Chip atm, making the move from Xbox this gen :grimacing:

Roll on 9pm tomorrow evening :tada:

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It was £100 cheaper than I expected for the digital edition!
So you can pick up the Suicide Squad game and AC Valhalla now essentially for free!

More to smile about

DoogZ u get ur preorder in?

As an Xbox boy making the switch I was really impressed with the PS Plus back catalogue thing - some top titles in my backlog already!

Managed to wangle my Argos pre-order this morning for the non-digital :sweat_smile:

Aye, the fact that on day one you’ll be able to play the latest God of War is fantastic.

Honestly mate, you’re gunna really enjoy that. What an experience it was…

And the complete Uncharted Series! Just start with uncharted 3… then do uncharted 4…

Oh and if you haven’t done it yet. The original 2018 Spider-Man… its a little slow to start but boy-o-boy it’s worth it.