You know Chip is growing when

Everyone needs ID badges!

What do you think? Pretty snazzy lanyard, huh?


@sarahchip I think they may have given you the wrong card!


Oh no, I just got a haircut at the weekend :wink:


Please could I buy a lanyard? I love the extension bit for quick removal.

Gary xx

I do love a good lanyard, I don’t have any now but yeah I do love a good lanyard.

Send me one please coz I do love a good lanyard. :heart:

We will be getting spares, so you may just get lucky :wink:

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I’ma shout out for one too please! They look great! :slight_smile:

Hey @sarahchip if you’ve got any spare I’ll happily have one! Consider it free advertising at my workplace for the app!

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Sounds like you should consider a line of chip branded accessories and clothing.

I would be up for a t-shirt and lanyard. Add a QR code for easy link sharing.

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@sarahchip I’d love one too please!

You know Chip is growing when …I can finally add my Smile bank account!

Hope this is coming very very soon! :crossed_fingers::kissing_heart:

+1 for the lanyard - good way to promote this at work.
(I’ll collect it during office hours - should I ask for you, @sarahchip?)

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Smile Bank is owned by Co Operative Bank.

Have you tried selecting Co Operative Bank and enter your Smile Bank details?

It might work, it’s worth a try I’ve you’ve not tried already?

Barry :slight_smile:

You know CHIP is growing when… they have something to announce on the coming soon forum :laughing: