You won't connect my bank!

I’ve been using Chip for roughly 20 minutes and already I hate it. You can’t connect to my bank! What sort of banking app can’t connect to banks for Heaven’s sake??? What a waste of time. I double checked before I signed up btw and saw all the banks you usually can’t connect to - NatWest, HSBC and RBS - so I used my TSB account and YOU STILL CAN’T CONNECT. I’ve logged in to my banking app AND online, I’ve dumped my browser, I’ve restarted my phone 3 times - nothing is working.

Hi Audrey, Just saw your post and I can understand how frustrating that must be for you. I bank with HSBC and I have had no problems connecting what so ever so if you have an account with them that’s your main account use them. I’m not sure why it says these are banks that Chip usually can’t connect to, but as I say, I had no issues whatsoever. hope you get it sorted, stick with it. it is worth it.

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Is your TSB app installed and setup on the same device that Chip is installed on?

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Not entirely sure I understand what you’re saying here, but Chip can connect to all of these

Quite possibly maybe Chip uses different tech than you use to login to TSB and that could have an issue……

Might be TSB with the problem not Chip……

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I banked with HSBC and had no issues now with Santander and works ok

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Hi o99 yes it is I opened the online banking too just in case

I’ll try a different bank later. Still same error message with TSB

Be careful trying too many times with things. You’ll run into anti money laundering issues. You maybe better waiting 24 hours and then trying again. Set a timer or alarm for 24 hours from now

No choice but to wait - they literally can do NOTHING on a Sunday so I can’t even try linking a new account, today, when I’VE got time.

Waste of time completely, sorely regretting giving them another chance. Useless.

Have you tried the in app chat?

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I use the Starling App & it asks me to link account it takes me to a page with Truelayer but nothing comes up on the page for me to continue. has anyone got any suggestions?