Your Chip platinum Pass!

Check your inboxes because you’ve just been given a limited edition Platinum Pass :eyes:

For one week only…

Just seen the e-mail. I must admit, although I’m a huge supporter of Chip; I’m a little disappointed. I appreciate it’s a bit of a recruitment drive for new users, which, if it works, is a good thing for Chip.

It just feels like we’re going back 2-3 years when this was done before.

I was hoping for something bigger and new. Either way, I hope it does it’s intended job :slight_smile:

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… just wait for the Diamond Pass Tom… :eyes: … just joking. In February we hope to blow your socks off with the some of the best investment funds in the world. So stay tuned for that.



Nothing in my inbox.

Hey Chris, sorry about that! Just tagging out brilliant VP of Marketing, @Tom_Chip in here to see why that might’ve happened and get a code over to you ASAP :slight_smile:

You might have deleted it not realising it was about the platinum pass. That’s what I did, because the subject was just “Get £5 for every friend you invite to Chip”. Which, it actually turns out, is all the pass amounts to anyway.

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Thanks - yes I hadn’t deleted it but hadn’t read that email :slight_smile: Was expecting the subject line to be different!

Thats great, but what is there to keep them as potential revenue generating customers?

Hi, I didnt get an email either?

Dunno - it’s not my strategy - just trying to help someone find their pass

Will we get an update with how many people used our Platinum Pass?

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