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It’s been a long time coming, but we’re delighted to say we’re now welcoming customers from the banks Monzo, Starling, Revolut & N26 to Chip!

This is fantastic news for our savers, but it’s also a major step towards Chip taking its place amongst the UK’s FinTech unicorns, thanks for helping us get here. :raised_hands:

We’re expecting our growth over the next few days to rocket, so we’ll be on-boarding savers slowly.

Pre-register here:


@sarahchip this is excellent news and has been a long time coming. If Chip can now strike a deal with Monzo and become part of their marketplace that would be outstanding! :money_mouth_face:

I know deadlines have been pushed multiple times, but it was clearly a difficult build. Congratulations Chip team :partying_face:


Hi there :wave:

This is really great news, the new app looks very nice…

I have a question. My understanding is that Chip intelligently looked at your spending habits and saves an appropriate amount based off your spending habits. This was the value Chip added over regular savings accounts.

How does this work with Monzo if you are only providing debit card details? I don’t imagine that this provides access to spending data? It would worry me if it did!

Look forward to hearing your reply


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Truly exciting time. Congratulations to the team.

That’s a good question

@sarahchip does anyone have the answer to this? It has been asked on other forums I frequent as well!

Also my app says it has updated but there have been no saves.

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Morning all!

@Tom_Chip is actually working on some new FAQs which will be getting into how the tech/AI works in the new update, and that should be ready quite soon.

I don’t think it does look at your data, just randomly makes weekly saves. Mine is trying to save money, even though Monzo is saying ‘It looks like you’ll run out of money this month’.

Sorry to be negative, but this release seems like it’s not even been touched by a QA team. I can barely do anything without having to chat to the help team. Tried to withdraw money, doesn’t work. Tried to cancel an autosave, doesn’t work.

Seems to me like they’ve not had enough time, and just got the Monzo integration out in a rush.

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They have had a while to develop! If this is true it is disappointing to hear!

Yeah, just had it confirmed in the in-app chat. Full integration with challenger banks isn’t ready yet, hopefully in the next month or so.

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I know your working on FAQ’s but can somebody please kindly explain how Chip is calculating savings from Monzo with just card details? I’ve got in touch with Monzo to ask how this possible to. This is worrying as it seems completely random while your website claims it is using an AI. If is actually random this is pretty misleading. Chip literally calculated an amount as soon as I entered by card details. @Tom_Chip

@sarahchip this is something which is being discussed on a number of forums and across social media. I think that the lack of coherent information on this is switching a lot of potential customers off.

If the AI, arguably the apps main selling point, is not ready for the challenger banks it should not have been released. I am a big fan of chip, but this is of particularly poor standard with little explanation.

If the release is purely to load customers gradually, this has to be made clear.

Hi all!

I was hoping to have a more ‘in-depth’ blog/FAQ from the tech team explaining the saves, but this Twitter thread between @xstex & @alanchip (our VP of Engineering) has the jist of it:

And I’ll work on getting that more in-depth article available soon!

Shame it is what I thought then, an educated guess. Is there a timeline when the full integration will be ready? :frowning:


Ah, the Chip team have announced and explained it properly now. Feel much better about the whole situation. Nice one @sarahchip.

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